Nyos Delve Further Into Call And Response For “Follow The Hawk Moth”

Finland-based avant garde Noise Rock two-piece Nyos have announced that their sixth album Waterfall Cave Fantasy, Forever will be released on the 27th of October, 2023 via Berlin’s Pelagic Records. To mark the album announcement, the band have shared a hallucinatory new video for lead single “Follow The Hawk Moth“.

Directed by Tommi Niukkanen, the video is a combination of archival scientific footage and technicolour post-production that parallels the lifecycle of the hawk moth with the band’s blend of looping compositions and wall-of-sound noise.

Consisting of Leeds-born guitarist Tom Brooke and Finnish drummer Tuomas Kainulainen, Nyos formed in 2014 after Brooke moved to Finland to establish his own recording studio, Tonehaven. The band have played hundreds of shows across the world with international contemporaries including Zeal & Ardor, Esben & The Witch and 2016 Mercury Prize nominees The Comet Is Coming

Already known for layers of looped guitars and polyrhythmic percussion, last year’s full-length LP Celebration saw Nyos begin to add the creative chaos of live, free-jazz inspired one-take improvisations. “Follow The Hawk Moth” pushes this dynamic even further using a call-and-response cycle.

The band says of the new single:

We’re thrilled to finally be able to unleash the first taste of ‘Waterfall Cave Fantasy, Forever’, which for us has definitely been the most fun and upbeat record we’ve made. ‘Follow The Hawk Moth’ is one of the most intense tracks we’ve recorded and a track we already love to play live, so it felt like a great choice for the first impression of the album. We take a lot of inspiration from the diversity and vividness of the natural world and Tommi Niukkanen (aka Tommin Seteli) has cut a beautifully frantic video which captures that vibe perfectly.

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