Cidny Bullens Duets With Beth Neilson Chapman On “Not Without You”

[Cover photo credit to Travis Commeau]

Trans artist Cidny Bullens has released his new single, “Not With You,” from his upcoming debut album for Kill Rock Stars, Little Pieces, out October 27, 2023. The single, a duet with Beth Neilson Chapman, is a “love song about how the right person can make the impossible seem natural.” 

Bullens also has a new candid memoir out, TransElectric: My Life as a Cosmic Rock Star, which features a foreword by his long-time friend Elton John. Little Pieces is Bullens’ first album under his new name and coming out as a trans man.

Bullens talks about writing “Not With You” with Beth Neilson Chapman:

It may be the first mainstream duet of a trans man and a regular woman. We love singing together. ‘Not with You’ is about my wife Tanya, where love is off the table with most people, but not with you, honey, I’m going for it.

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