Burnside Project Releases 20th Anniversary Expanded Edition Of ‘The Networks, The Circuits, The Streams, The Harmonies’

[Cover photo credit to Burnside Project/KID Recordings]

KID Recordings and Indie Synth-Pop band Burnside Project have announced the release of the 20th Anniversary Expanded Edition of the band’s album, The Networks, The Circuits, The Streams, The Harmonies.

Featuring the original album, previously unreleased tracks, remixes and bonus tracks, the 22-track collection also includes a cover of Electronic’s 1990 song “Getting Away With It” featuring duo Sunrise HWY (aka Amy Douglas and Tim Wagner), “He Never Knew The Benefits Of Caffeine (Sack International Remix),” and a remix of the band’s single “Cue The Pulse To Begin,” the theme to Showtime’s Queer as Folk.

Burnside Project’s Richard Jankovich (also of Big Mother Gig) says:

We started a recording session of ‘Getting Away With It’ in 2002 before we created ‘Cue The Pulse to Begin’ – this is why we decided to revive it. Some of the sounds kept here are actually from that session 20 years ago. In fact, the main hook in ‘Cue The Pulse To Begin’ (‘I should like getting ahead’) is a copy-and-paste job from ‘Getting Away With It’. When getting ready for this reissue, we decided to open up that session and work with Tim and Amy of Sunrise Hwy to finish it off.

Burnside Project’s 2003 album combined Pavement-influenced songwriting, indie guitar riffs, breakbeat electronica, ‘80s synth lines, ‘90s house beats, and more, making it highly experimental at the time. Originally a duo of multi-instrumentalists (Richard Jankovich and Gerald Hammill), the group expanded to a trio with the addition of Paul Searing when this album was released. 

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