Manja’s “Last Night’s Kiss” Explores A Reality Where They Take More Risks

[MANJA: Mark Vleugels (yellow jacket), Nick Vleugels (blue jacket), James Sukadana (red jacket)]

Bali-based Alternative Pop-Rock trio Manja has used “the power of fantasy and imagination” as the central theme for their single “Last Night’s Kiss” out now. The song is a bit of a “What if?” scenario, wondering what might happen if one of them took a risk on a stranger they met at a party.

Vocalist and guitarist James Sukadana shares:

We imagined this tale about meeting and hooking up with someone at a party, making questionable decisions because of this person, and just living large. It is so at odds with how we lead our lives. But there is a plot twist to the song. Even though we knew that we were falling into a trap, we still wanted to give it a go. It reflects on how we are in real life, where we embrace the here and now without any regrets.

Manja’s James Sukadana and brothers Nick and Mark Vleugels reflect that they typically “party” by crafting and composing music together and having fun doing so. But they also believe “that everyone has a unique definition of a party,” and encourage individuals “to explore their imagination and create their own extraordinary experiences.”

The new track was actually more than five years in the making, having gone through a rocking live version that didn’t quite feel right, to working in the studio on sound approaches and vocals for this version. It was the first song they had ever written as a band, but only now is being released.

Nick Vleugels admits that it is a relief:

Especially since our songwriting has changed a lot. But this sound is exactly what we wanted to achieve.

James Sukadana concludes:

This single is the fresh new sound of MANJA. It is a sign of what is to come from us in the future, and this is the level of standards that we want to maintain, all fun and vibes and no regrets.

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