Pale Jay’s ‘Bewilderment’ Questions a Family’s Disintegration

Bewilderment is the title and the inspiration behind Pale Jay’s debut album. The album is an “exploration of a family’s gradual disintegration due to years of avoidance and miscommunication.” The ideas are drawn from Jay’s own experiences and the album “strives to find answers to these questions and more.”

The title track “Bewilderment” is out now and the album is set to release on August 18th, 2023 on Karma Chief Records, a subsidiary of Colemine.

Pale Jay is a trained Jazz vocalist and pianist, and he wrote, recorded, and produced all the songs on the album, except for “By The Lake”, which is a collaboration with labelmates Okonski, made up of Steve Okonski, Aaron Frazer, and Michael Montgomery.

Pale Jay’s music is includes elements of Soul, slow Disco, and Afrobeat, with string arrangements by Raven Bush adding an extra layer to the beat-heavy productions.

Each song on Bewilderment tells a unique story, but “they all share a common theme of personal growth and self-understanding.”

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