Watch NITE’s Video For “The Trident” Featuring Their Sci-Fi Time Raider Character

NITE is a Metal band from The Bay Area, inspired by NOWBHM and descending from a line of local bands like Metallica. They’ve now released the video for “The Trident”, the closing song off their most recent album, Voices of the Kronian Moon, and one that’s become a favorite live.

The video for the track makes it look like the band are trapped inside some top-secret government lab.

NITE says:

“The Trident” has become a fan favorite ever since ‘Voices of the Kronian Moon’ came out. That chorus chant has raised quite a few fists at our live shows, so we wanted to honor that with this video. Directed by our very own Scott Hoffman, we follow the time jump of the elusive time raider character, featured on the album cover and the Kronian Moon video, being tracked down and eventually losing his trident staff before he time jumps again to another world. 

Cover art by DEIH

With Avinash Mittur (Wild Hunt) replacing founding bassist Bryan Coons in early 2021, he and drummer Patrick Crawford (Serpents of Dawn, Older Sun) make up a rhythm section that’s reminiscent of the early days of Heavy Metal.

NITE’s debut full-length album Darkness Silence Mirror Flame, was released in March 2020 from Creator-Destructor Records, followed by Voices of the Kronian Moon on CD, digital, and vinyl formats in 2022.

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