Video Premier: Dean Mueller’s “Life Ain’t All Roses” Is A Generational Heart-To-Heart Conversation

Oregon-based singer/songwriter Dean Mueller released his first solo album recently, Life Ain’t All Roses, after nearly 20 years as a professional musician, working as a performer, Producer, promoter, recording engineer, and also a teacher.

The bassist-turned-singer-songwriter recorded his album of original Americana songs in Nashville with Producer-pianist Kevin McKendree and members of John Prine’s band. Mueller recorded the album with the goal of creating “a cross between John Prine and Tom Petty.” Some of that impetus has been writing very direct music that engages audiences emotionally but also fulfills his own needs as a songwriter.

Today, we’re very pleased to be debuting the video for Mueller’s title track “Life Ain’t All Roses”. The song is about as personal as they come and also as relatable. It tells the story of sharing all his thoughts with his father as he approaches the end of his life, settling all old scores through a heartfelt conversation. As a father himself, it was doubly important to Mueller to work out his own feelings about his father and come to terms with the things he finds most important in life.

The video for “Life Ain’t All Roses” is set in s stunning backdrop of rugged canyons at the golden hour and is a great reminder of how dramatically our relationships affect us in life. They form our landscape and are as worthy of celebration and consideration as a sublime setting. The stripped down quality of the video also keeps the focus on the lyrics and the music as a significant emotional journey for Mueller and audiences considering their own place in the generational scheme of things.

Dean Mueller shares:

Life Ain’t All Roses is one of the pieces that I wrote while my dad was passing away during Covid. Unfortunately, I couldn’t visit him, so I wrote a letter for my mom to read to him. But he was pretty far gone, and I’m not sure if he could understand, he passed away very quickly. The central idea of the letter was to acknowledge that although we had conflict while I was growing up, I wanted him to know that I thought he was a good man and did the best he knew how.  

When I wrote the third verse, I couldn’t help but break down, thinking about how I hope my son feels the same way about me. That sentiment really hits home, and I believe it’s something that everyone can relate to.  

I chose this song as the title track because it’s so personal, honest, and meaningful. I really tried to connect with the heart through the whole record and I hope that people can feel and relate to the emotion behind it.

Mueller’s extensive previous performing and recording experience includes The Duffy Bishop Band, Blues Music Awards-nominated Insomniacs and the award-winning Julie Amici Band. As a promoter and Producer, he has staged more than 400 performances in the past decade, including tributes to Patsy Cline, Nina Simone and his favorite singer-songwriter, the late John Prine.    

Mueller adds:

Every song on my album has meaning and inspiration behind it. I just want to be real and authentic.

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