Lydia Luce Seeks True Acceptance For ‘Florida Girl’

[Cover photo credit to Tabitha Brooke]

Lydia Luce, a Nashville based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, has announced the upcoming release of Florida Girl, her third studio album, arriving via Nettwerk Music Group on October 27, 2023. Produced by longtime friends and bandmates Aaron Steele and Anthony Da Costa, Florida Girl is an “in-depth examination of Luce’s inner life” through “impressionistic” songwriting.

Alongside the album release, Luce will perform at Third Man Records’ Nashville venue, The Blue Room on November 4th in celebration of the release of Florida Girl.

Luce has released her latest single, “Other Side,” which is an energetic track that is composed of “ruminations on the concept of the afterlife.”

Luce recalls:

My friend Raymond Joseph texted me during the pandemic and said, ‘Do you want to write a song about death?’ This song is us pondering the afterlife. Will we be reincarnated? Will our souls just float off into the abyss? Growing up, I believed if you’re good you go to heaven and if you’re bad you go to hell. I no longer believe in heaven and hell and have come to a place where I’m ok with not knowing what happens after I die. I’m just trying to stay present while I’m here.

The album focuses on “self-acceptance, and making peace” even with her home state of Florida.

She says:

I grew up in South Florida and have always hated telling people that. The ‘Florida man’ headlines, politics and negativity that comes with talking about Florida. Naming the record Florida Girl is my acceptance of where I’m from.

Luce adds:

The record is about true acceptance. Acceptance of my present self and my past self, of life and death, of my emotions both the good and bad. My 30s so far have come with a ton of reflection. There were so many things I avoided in my 20’s, and I did that through abusing drugs and alcohol and with eating disorders. I no longer want to numb anything away. Instead, I want to put in the work, even when it is uncomfortable and be where I’m at. I hope the album helps people along in their own healing journeys and reminds them that they’re not alone. I want to keep creating that safe space where we’re all free to talk about everything.

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