Harm’s Way’s “Silent Wolf” Comments On An Atmosphere Of Persistent Distrust

[Photo By Vanessa Valadez]

Harm’s Way have been making music for almost two decades and have constantly “morphed” in taking on new influences in Hardcore Punk and Metal. Their upcoming album, Common Suffering, may be their most diverse yet. Album opener “Silent Wolf” is out now alongside an official video.

Common Suffering will be released September 29th, 2023 across all digital streaming platforms, and in vinyl and CD formats via Metal Blade Records.

Vocalist James Pligge shares:

‘Silent Wolf’ was birthed out of observing a sense of persistent distrust in governing bodies and systems of power in our current cultural climate. It speaks on the faith, or lack of faith, many have in these systems and an overall feeling of inertia and paranoia with status quo operations… leading many to the question: ‘what is really informing our reality?

Common Suffering was intentionally crafted to have “quieter moments” that “emphasize light and shade.”

This time around, they shifted to recording at Studio 4 in Pennsylvania with producer Will Yip (Turnstile, Code Orange). Going into the recording, the goal was “to improve some of the band’s processes, examine vocal cadences and experiment during production to gain the best idea from each track.”

The title Common Suffering is a nod to “the collective experiences of the past three years of chaos, misanthropy, paranoia, disorder, confusion and anxiety.”

Sep 22: Mississauga, ON – Hold Your Ground Fest

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