Gideon King & City Blog Reinterprets Keane’s “Somewhere Only We Know” Featuring Ashley Hess

As they approach the release of their upcoming EP Splinters, on September 15th, 2023 the innovative NYC-based collective Gideon King & City Blog (GKCB) have unveiled their latest single, a heartfelt rendition of the Keane song Somewhere Only We Know.” The release of “Somewhere Only We Know” follows the band’s most recent single “Turn Off The Sky”.

GKCB’s reinterpretation showcases NYC-based vocalist Ashley Hess, who joined the collective in 2021.

Guitarist and founder Gideon King says:

Such a great song…sad and beautiful. This is one of my favorite songs ever. Thank you, Keane, for this beautiful expression.

The group upholds “open-ended dialogue among its diverse members, resulting in a cohesive fusion of Pop, Soul, Rock, and Jazz influences.”

Gideon King comments on the collective:

I call the band a ‘blog’ because it is an open-ended dialogue with a lot of people contributing their perspectives. When we create, it’s like controlled chaos. We sift through competing ideas, chipping away at the song until it has discernible features. We refine the madness. The music reflects my love of Jazz and Pop and Rock and Classical.

Gideon King & City Blog features three distinctive vocalists. Caleb Hawley is a solo artist who has recorded with Vulfpeck guitarist Cory Wong. Sonny Step has worked with Ricky Martin, Rihanna, and Solange, among others. Ashley Hess is a NYC-based vocalist who joined the GKCB collective in 2021. Other vocalists have included Alita Moses (currently touring the world with Jacob Collier) and Brendan Fletcher.

The band is rounded out by musicians that include Grammy nominated drummer Jake Goldbas, Jeff Hanley on bass, Zach Mullings on drums and percussion, and musical director and keyboardist Bryan Reeder (Euan Morto, Chris Norton).

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