Cayo Coco’s “Gently, Dreamer” Details The Journey Within

[Cover photo credit to Ed Diven]

Cayo Coco is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist and producer, Lumen Loraine. LA based artist uses his work to “share stories of healing and inner exploration.” His latest single “Gently, Dreamer” is the first to be released from his upcoming album, which details the inner work he has been doing in recent years.

The artist shares:

I experienced multiple life changing soul connections over the last 3 years. Each of them shined an awareness into the depths of my being, and I saw many things I had been avoiding in myself. A lot of my songs are about the magic that meeting those people unlocked within me. This music is for them, myself, and anyone else who is healing and is on the path.

He continues:

With any of my songs, if you ask me what I played or how I did it, it’d take me a minute to figure it out. I don’t know keys or theory, I just know how to have fun and get lost in the sonic landscape.

Cayo Coco creates music that “encourages people to look inside,” and he hopes that audiences will go on that “beautiful, worthwhile adventure.”

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