Aaron Smith & The Coal Biters Tell The Stories Of Newton County, Arkansas Through And Album + Book Project

Aaron Smith & The Coal Biters guide audiences on “a journey through time to the rugged and untamed landscapes of Newton County, Arkansas in the 1820s” on the album The Legend of Sam Davis and Other Stories of Newton County, Arkansas.

An “eccentric mountain preacher,” Sam Davis sets out on a quest to find his long-lost sister. The album’s story encompassing the Trail of Tears and the story of “outlaw pioneers.”

These are “true stories of resilient people in tough times, filled with heartbreak, rage, longing, and love”. The album features banjo, fiddle, guitar, mandolin, dobro, pump organ, clarinet, and jug band percussion.

The album also includes a coffee table “compendium” that reveals deeper insights into the stories with “essays, family photos, maps, and original artwork” for each song by Newton County artist, Dreama Phoenix.

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