Le Couleur’s “Autobahn” Chases Thrills

[Cover photo credit to Andy Jon]

Quebecois Alt-Pop group Le Couleur have announced Comme dans un penthouse, a new concept LP due out September 22, 2023 via Lisbon Lux Records. Accompanying this announcement, the band have shared new single “Autobahn.” The track has vintage Krautrock touches and a motorik beat and follows a woman chasing thrills to a deadly climax.

As first seen on their 2016 album P.O.P, “Autobahn” re-introduces the character Barbara, an assistant to a star that’s fallen from grace, as she flees to a collection of islands off the coast of Panama “with stolen money, constantly on the run, and addicted to the chase and the quest for new feelings.” Or, as Le Couleur describes them, “Sentiments nouveaux.”

Sadly, her journey ends in a catastrophic car crash in this track. Despite the subject matter, the track is very energetic and climactic.

The band explains:

Barbara is the symbol of this relentless quest for intensity and thrill. Always on the hunt for renewed sensations, all that’s left for her is to break down taboos in order to feel a tiny bit of excitement. Her tragic fate is inevitable. Death will steal her away as the ultimate pursuit.

The band, originally founded by by Laurence Giroux-Do (vocals), Patrick Gosselin (bass), and Steeven Chouinard (drums), has since expanded to include Philippe Beaudin (percussion, synths), Jean-Cimon Tellier (guitar), and Louis-Joseph Cliche (synths, vocals), and has used this extensive and versatile lineup to pursue the sounds of many varied influences, from 70s Erotica, to Psychedelia, Disco, yéyé, and French chanson. Their upcoming LP marks their first full length effort since 2020’s Concorde.

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