Odd Robot Goes Aquatic For “Lost Inside Yr Ocean”

[Cover photo credit to @the_corona_chronicles]

Southern California CA Punk and Power Pop band Odd Robot have returned with new single and video “Lost Inside Yr Ocean” from their upcoming album Deathmates, out this Fall on Wiretap Records. The song has big thematic implications drawing from different cultural ideas about the ocean.

Andy Burris of Odd Robot says:

The sea is a durable metaphor—she is the bringer of life, the taker of life. Lost Inside Yr Ocean delves into that realm. The subject of the song is isolated and adrift. Despite no way out, they manage to cling to a bit of hope. Sonically, the track evokes a 1960s beach atmosphere, thanks to the spatial reverberations of Telecasters and the band’s newest member and multi-instrumentalist, Nate Phung, on the organ.The music video was filmed in Newport Bay, CA, and features professional divers (thanks to Apex Diving Services) and an extra special guest. Have a great summer, enjoy the track, and keep cool, kid!

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