Diamond Dogs Take An Analog & Acoustic Approach To ‘About The Hardest Nut To Crack’

Veteran Swedish Rockers Diamond Dogs have returned with new album About The Hardest Nut To Crack in which they take a very different approach than they employed for their previous double-album

The album’s twelve tracks were all mixed, recorded, written, and arranged from scratch in just eight days at Strawberry Studios in the spring of 2023. While out on their 2022 autumn run, the members decided to put down a new record early the following year.

Their previous release Slap Bang Blue Rendezvous came across as a concept album of sorts as a heavily produced and stylized double-LP, this time around the group felt like doing just the opposite, making this a standard length “back to basics” analog and acoustic live recording together with their friends with as little preparation as possible.

Since their start over 30 years ago, Diamond Dogs have followed in the footsteps of Rod Stewart and The Faces in their adventurous spirit of the 70’s.

The new album features a heavy B3 organ, a jamming bar piano, mandolins, fiddles, and much more.

The band will soon be releasing the track “Get a Rock ‘n Roll Record” which turned out to be a funny soundtrack to an old Super 8 film that one of the band members found in their childhood closet, capturing a family gathering. That video also became the song’s video.

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