Emo Fans Are Getting An Orchestral Event Featuring Hawthorne Heights

For Emo lovers and those who have a hankering for orchestral music, there’s a a show to satisfy them. Emo Orchestra, created by Ben Mench-Thurlow, features special guests Hawthorne Heights, along with a full orchestra arrangement. Emo Orchestra will be embarking on its inaugural tour this Fall. The nationwide run kicks off on September 27th in Cincinnati, with stops to follow in Nashville, Atlanta, DC, Indianapolis, and more.

Emo Orchestra is designed to pay tribute to the music that shaped Emo fans when the genre first took over the world, but is “tailored to the people its fans have become in the years since.”

Mench-Thurlow shares:

Our goal with Emo Orchestra was to create an inclusive experience that appeals to a wide audience of music fans. It’s an opportunity for early fans of the emo genre to share the music that we all loved with the next generation, and it was curated to be family friendly. The addition of the orchestra adds a cool texture and depth to these nostalgic hits and may also expose fans to instrumentation they’re less familiar with in a new setting. And orchestra lovers will experience what they enjoy with an exciting twist!

In addition to playing their own songs, Hawthorne Heights will perform Emo hits. Emo Orchestra and Hawthorne Heights invite you to “dress up or dress down” for the evening event.

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