Lex Maria Delivers Second EP ‘Ghosts’

New EP Ghosts from Alt Punk-Rockers Lex Maria is out now and it’s the band’s second EP. The new collection was recorded at Studio Möllan in Malmö, Sweden, which is a famous seaside resort town in Southern Sweden.

Lex Maria describes themselves as playing “cat image influenced, sexually frustrated Alternative Rock”. Noise Rock and Alternative Rock of the late 80s and 90s is what they grew up with and have always been influenced by.

The band says:

After getting our PhDs and then working the hamburger joints around town, we decided to risk our dazzling careers and sell our souls to the bewinged kitten demons of Rock.

The band has been around for a couple of years with the latest iteration getting together in 2020. They immediately set out to record. That same year, their first EP was recorded and released in 2021. The following year the Ghosts EP was recorded, and now released in 2023.

The band further explain their identity:

We say we are an indie punk band playing some sort of alternative rock but we float in and out of these genres. We are 90s noise, 80s post punk and some 00s emo in our own way. Aleks, Nelly, Martin and Martin. Aleks with the hat is the singer. Aleks and Nelly play guitar, the Martins play bass and drums. Many times life is hard and we just want to play because that makes you feel better and we hope to reach people out there who like this stuff.

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