Maddox Jones And Great Adamz Team Up For Summer Jam “Chasing Moments”

Northampton, UK-based singer/songwriter Maddox Jones has teamed up with Afropop artist Great Adamz for the track “Chasing Moments.” Blending elements of an South African Amapiano house music and Nigerian Afrobeats, the new single has arrived via Radikal Records.

The artists met at the at the Northamptonshire Local Music Awards in 2022 where Great Adamz also won Pop Artist of the Year. Adamz and Jones began writing together and recording at Plastic Tree Studios owned by David Crawford, who also produced the track.

Jones says:

I’ve absolutely loved being involved in this collab. Afro pop is a genre that I’ve always enjoyed listening to and to get the chance to work Great Adamz has been amazing. ‘Chasing Moments’ is a pure summer jam that I personally can’t get out of my head. Try listening to this one without wanting to dance, it’s impossible.

Adamz adds:

I have always thought of Afro pop as a medium to express your sound how best you hear it. Working with Maddox Jones has proven that, because I can totally hear his originality in the song, even though it’s a genre he hasn’t done before…all I think of is cocktails and palm trees when I hear this song.

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