Uncured Crafted ‘My Design’ EP With Accessibility In Mind

Rock band Uncured have recently released their latest EP, My Design, featuring six original tracks and a cover of Linkin Park’s classic “One Step Closer.” My Design was Produced by brothers Rex and Zak Cox, and it was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Conclave Studios. The single and video for “Fight This War” is out now.

Rex Cox comments on the album:

Our first objective when writing My Design was to ensure that all of the songs on the EP were musically accessible to a broad audience. We wanted all of our choruses to inspire our audiences to sing along and participate in our music.

Zak Cox adds:

We wrote and simultaneously recorded My Design in real-time at Conclave Studios. That approach gave us an opportunity to make the production elements of each song an integral part of the composition, instead of an after-thought within the mixing process.

Uncured will be touring extensively in support of My Design, which will include a performance at the Inkcarceration festival in Ohio in July 2023.

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