Late Nite Laundry Blends Jazz, R&B, And Psychedelia For “Waterlust”

Chicago Psychedelic Soul quartet Late Nite Laundry have released their first single of the year with “Waterlust” via Acrophase Records (Ginger Root, V.V. Lightbody, King Pari).

After releasing their self-titled EP last Fall and touring earlier this year, they’ve spent the Spring and Summer opening for Pearl & the Oysters and The Ezra Collective, and working on their next batch of songs.

“Waterlust” has one foot in the world of Jazz and R&B while the other grounded in contemporary psychedelia and is brought to life with bedroom (or more accurately “living room”) Pop production.

Bassist and designer Emily Burlew says when creating the artwork for the single:

I took this photo of the chandelier in my old apartment the weekend I met the love of my life. We stared at this fixture upside down for almost an hour, learning about each other and basking in the tension of the new yet-to-be-explored feelings.

It was fitting to use this imagery for ‘Waterlust’ — the song speaks of said tensions in love and desire. I love this chandelier, and all it represents. I love how alien it looks above the glow of my red gummy bear night lamp. Waterlust doubles as a heated humid track and a easy chill summer groove.

The band feels that the “duality” of the laidback sound and “tenser emotions underlying the surface” in this track is a common thread among their songs. Late Nite Laundry will be releasing a music video for “Waterlust” and will be sharing more music later this year.

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