Alkaloid’s “Clusterfuck” Asks Why Humans Aspire To Greatness

[Cover photo credit to Christian Martin Weiss]

Progressive Metal band Alkaloid, who hail from Bavaria, are returning after five years for their third full-length album Numen playing with ideas of time and space as well as showing their love for mad science science-fiction once more. Here they delve further into genre experiments, combining Death Metal with Jazz, Flamenco, Rock and Gospel Choirs. The single and video for “Clusterfuck” are out now.

Alkaloid are a supergroup made up of long-serving members of Obscura, Dark Fortress, Triptykon and other genre heavyweights. Tracks from the new album like “Clusterfuck,” “The Cambrian Explosion,” and “Numen” posit “heavy cosmological/Lovecraftian theoretic themes.”

Artwork by Christian Martin Weiss

They comment on their new single:

It’s one of our shorter and more moderate tracks – maybe uncharacteristically so, once you see the whole album. But “Clusterfuck” still covers the classic Alkaloid spectrum between groove, hooks, brutality and complexity. The lyrics address the question of why we as a species should aspire to greatness at all, when we know that in all probability, we’re going to fail anyway.

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