Jason Blackmore & Mario Quintero Team Up Sisters Readies First Full-Length Album ‘Leecheater’

[Cover photo credit to Chad Kelco]

Jason Blackmore (Molly McGuire) and Mario Quintero (Spotlights) have combined forces with their new band known as Sisters. Sisters’ latest single “Born Again” is the first from their upcoming album Leecheater which will be released August 25th, 2023 on Spartan Records. The song takes issue with those who use religious language to hide their true motives or deeds. The album Leecheater focuses on heavy, atmospheric Rock.

Blackmore says:

“Born Again” is a song about sinful evil corrupt people that commit crimes or are just plain bad people that think they can turn to religion and be excused or forgiven for their actions. Just like every other song that I write, the music always comes first and the lyrics, vocal melodies and harmonies are the last piece of the puzzle. Musically I just wanted this song to be a short, catchy, in your face rocker.

Jason Blackmore and Mario Quintero found themselves entering the pandemic era with an abundance of creative fuel, so they joined forces to bring the best elements of their previous projects together to create something new and “menacing.”

Jason Blackmore and his band Molly McGuire were some of the early pioneers of the Post-Punk Kansas City music scene. Molly McGuire’s heavy and melodic sound was a precursor to the Post-Hardcore and Emo genres that would emerge later, and their music has been cited as an influence by bands such as Deftones and Hum.

Mario Quintero’s other primary (and still active) project Spotlights formed in Brooklyn in 2013, working with a mix of Shoegaze, Doom Metal, and Post Rock. The band has released several albums and EPs.

After creating an EP, the duo worked towards their first full length album, Leecheater, and stylistically moved in the direction of bands like Neurosis, The Cure, or Robin Trower.

Quintero comments:

We really wanted the record to sound different, like if an old Minor Threat record was recorded through a Queens of the Stone Age machine – dry, dark, and chunky – I think we nailed it.

Lyrically the record handles “divisive topics” via “ruminations on drugs, death, religion, and love.” Produced at Quintero’s home studio in Pittsburgh, the majority of Leecheater was recorded live over the course of two sessions.

Blackmore adds:

Recording has become much easier as I get older. I used to get stressed out and uncomfortable because I wanted everything to be perfect, and I had everything pretty much musically orchestrated and mapped out in my head going into a studio [but] Mario is a genius. He is a natural. He has the technical side of recording down. Which I do not. So it’s the definition of teamwork. I bring in the songs and he knows exactly how to get the right sounds – when you are recording with one of your best friends in his home studio it’s effortless, stressless and magical.

The band will be supporting the release with live dates starting on the West Coast in the Fall.

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