Omega Infinity Give A Void Metal Treatment To Genesis Track “Mama”

In keeping with the 40th anniversary of the self-titled album of Prog Rock band Genesis, Void Metal outfit Omega Infinity have revealed their own take on “Mama” as the opening for their next album.

This song on air is one of the first musical memories for Tentakel P., only a toddler when the song came out, and drove him to search for similarly dark music, eventually leading to Black Metal.

A leftover from the Solar Spectre session and initially planned to be a second bonus track on their debut album, this cover version suffered from finding the right guest vocalist. Several guests were asked and initially agreed to join, but it seemed the track was jinxed, until Tentakel asked his good friend Eklatanz from fellow German Avantgarde Black Metallers Heretoir.

Cover art by Adrien Bousson

Omega Infinity’s latest opus, The Anticurrent, was released earlier this year.

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