Izzy Mahoubi Dispells The Illusions Around That “Cool Guy”

Indie singer-songwriter Izzy Mahoubi has announced her brand new EP How To Run, set to be released on July 21, 2023 via European label Rude Records. The EP will feature previous singles “Hang Around,” “Torn In Two,” as well as newly released single Cool Guy.”

Speaking on the process of writing “Cool Guy” Mahoubi explains:

Writing Cool Guy was one of the most effortless, cathartic, and fun experiences I’ve ever had songwriting. After a four month whirlwind of being swept into the indie music scene in Phoenix, I stood back and realized what looked so glamorous and exciting was all a facade. “The high life seemed so pretty”- Once the lights are off, and the music’s over, you begin to realize all of the tough guys and cool groupies are simply just people.

I don’t think I could have told this story more authentically than how I did because I simply wrote what happened. I think anyone who listens to Cool Guy can relate to the feeling of romanticizing someone or some lifestyle that promises the world even though the red flags are there from the start. Some of the lyrics in this song make fun of the indie/underground concept, more so, I’m making fun of myself for taking that whole idea so seriously. Cool is dead. Do what you want.

Mahoubi has recently signed with indie record label, Rude Records and has released three singles with them.

On the creation of How To Run, she shares:

I wrote it as I explored my curiosity towards the world. Heartbreak, social standards, change, and pushing the limits. It’s an eclectic body of moments that I hope tells the story of growth. The feeling of walking into a childhood bedroom and seeing the old posters and letters that reveal the memories and healing that comes with time. The title track, “How To Run” is an expression of pushing the limits. The first time you realize your strength. The first time you start believing your voice has a space in the world. The first time you start to do the things that scare you. I believe that realization reveals how to grow, and that confidence teaches you how to run.

Maboubi is an avid perfomer and has opened for artists such as Adam Melchor.

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