Hunter & Wolfe Struggle With Their Envy For “Famous Friends”

hunter & wolfe, an Indie-Rock duo made up of Michael Maffei and Sundeep Kapur, have released the first single and accompanying lyric video from their forthcoming album titled I deserve this., out later this year. The single Famous Friends combines seriousness and humor when assessing the success of friends.

The duo shares:

‘Famous Friends’ is about mixed emotions, that awkward middle ground between happiness for, and envy of, the successes of others. We fight the urge to measure ourselves against others – especially when our social media are flooded with their accomplishments and good times. Ultimately, ‘Famous Friends’ is about coming to terms with those mixed emotions and arriving at self-acceptance.

Starting in 2011, hunter & wolfe released a self-titled EP and a full-length album, Days and Work. Their most recent record is Late Then Never.

I deserve this., hunter & wolfe’s forthcoming 11-track album, was written “during sleepless nights about sleepless nights. It is about the self-importance to think you deserve something, and the self-loathing to think what you deserve is nothing good.” 

The songs were written by Michael Maffei, and the record was co-produced by Asher Kurtz, Sundeep Kapur, and Michael Maffei. The record features Michael Maffei (vocals, guitar, piano), Sundeep Kapur (lead guitar), Anders Kapur (bass), Sean Mullins (drums, percussion), Chris Baum (violin), and Asher Kurtz (guitar). It also features vocals from Asher Kurtz (Anyone) and Gabbi Coenen of RVBY MY DEAR (Laugh Lines).

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