Hollyy’s Singles “After Every Storm” & “By My Side” Recognize That Pain Will Pass

Chicago Soul and Retro-Rock band Hollyy are debuting new music in 2023, including their second single of the year, “By My Side.” Their new singles in 2023, including “After Every Storm” and “By My Side,” were reworked several times during and after lockdown in 2020.

Their new music “centers on recognizing that the pain will pass,” and draws on Blues, R&B, and Jazz, as well as “the spirit behind these musical traditions.”

Since venues reopened in 2021, Hollyy have played ahead of Gwen Stefani, opened for Jacob Banks for an official Lollapalooza aftershow, toured twice, and had one of their tracks featured on the premiere episode of Hulu’s How I Met Your Father.

Hollyy is sharing their new music this year with Sparta Distribution. They will be sharing more singles later this year.

Hollyy features Tanner Bednar (vocals), Brandon Couture (guitar), Peter Giere (keyboard), Rafe Soto (drums), and Dominic Zeier (bass).

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