Song Premier: Laura Marie’s “Painkiller” Accepts Limitations When Helping Others

Texas-based singer/songwriter Laura Marie explores themes of love, loss, and resilience, touching on both personal experiences and larger societal issues in her work. She blends Folk, Americana, and Indie Pop elements to create her sound. An Independent Music Award winner, her EP Too Sweet: Songs for Setting Boundaries arrives on May 26th, 2023 from Squirrels in The Attic. The EP draws from her experience as a complex trauma survivor and is followed by a memoir of the same theme and name.

Today, we’re very pleased to debut her new track “Painkiller” from her upcoming EP here on Wildfire Music + News. The song speaks frankly about the impossibility of attempting to be someone’s “painkiller” when they are struggling with imbalances in their life. As such, it doesn’t shy away from the sense of limitation that admits, instead accepting that the other person’s fate is in their own hands.

With vocal deliveries that are conversational but also energetic, the song seems to deliver some much needed clarity both for the speaker and for the other party. It suggests a route for processing pain into acceptance. The song also fits well with the “setting boundaries” theme of the new EP.

Laura Marie introduces the song as:

A conversation with a friend lost to drug addiction. It chronicles the slow realization that there’s nothing left to do but let go.

In addition to her work as a musician and author, Laura Marie is an advocate for mental health awareness and human rights issues. She has spoken publicly about her struggles with anxiety, OCD, and depression.

She works with various non-profit organizations, using her music to raise awareness and funds for causes close to her heart. Through her music and activism, Laura Marie wishes to become “a source of inspiration and hope” for fans and remains “deeply committed to creating authentic and meaningful works.”

On her upcoming EP, Laura Marie covers vocals/music/lyrics, Jake Owen is on guitars/bass/keyboards/programming arrangement, Mauro Refosco handles drums/percussion. Andy Dollerson provides additional keys/programming, Kyle Thompson is on drums (Painkiller) and strings (Why), Delaney Stockli is on violin, Ludovica Burtone is also on violin, Lourdes Rosales is on viola, Emily Hope Price is on cello, and the EP was Produced, engineered, and mixed by Jake Owen for DO Sounds. It was recorded at SuperLegal Studio, Brooklyn, NY and mastered by Mike Fossenkemper.

Additionally, Laura Marie has released five previous studio projects. She is affiliated with BMI as a songwriter and publisher and has songs licensed by TLC, M Cable Television Inc. and Bunim/Murray Productions.

As a backing vocalist, she has contributed to albums for artists including The Panic Division, Bart Crow Band, Grammy nominated Frijoles Romanticos and multi Grammy nominated artist Bobby Pulido. 

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