Friday’s “I Do It For You” Chronicles Losing Your Head Over A New Infatuation

[Cover photo credit to Nicole Daddona]

Multi-media artist Nicole Daddona, who performs as Friday, has shared her newest single + video, “I Do It For You.” The track is inspired by 60’s bubblegum Pop, opening with a piano solo before expanding into a guitar-led ballad. The track is wholly about the feeling of “losing your head” in a new infatuation or relationship.

Daddona says:

‘I Do It For You’ is a love song for lunatics. It’s about that ‘losing your head’ feeling that happens when you fall for someone hard. The psychotic 60s bubblegum pop tune captures the rush of endorphins that come with initial infatuation but the lyrics are all about losing yourself in the pursuit of someone’s attention. The chorus repeats the refrain ‘all that I do, I do it for you,’ emphasizing an unyielding dedication to a love interest, despite the apparent one-sidedness of the relationship and the risk of losing yourself in the process in order to impress someone into thinking you’re the one.

The accompanying, uncanny video was directed by Daddona’s production company Magic Society Pictures, with a headless Friday clad in a suit, searching a beach for her missing head.

Nicole Daddona is the founder and designer of the “lowbrow, high fashion” clothing and accessories company Magic Society. She is also one half of Magic Society Pictures alongside Adam Wilder, which specializes in surreal and genre film, television, visual art, and live comedy. Their latest horror short film The Mundanes premiered at this year’s SXSW as part of the Midnight Shorts Program, and they have previously worked on series with Adult Swim, Amazon Studios, MTV, GIPHY, and Cartoon Network.

Their award winning short film Sexy Furby, co-produced by Abso Lutely Productions, premiered at Fantasia Festival and Beyond Fest in 2021 and won Grand Prix CANAL+ at L’Etrange Festival. 

Daddona began remotely producing original music in her bedroom during lockdown in 2020. After relocating to the seclusion of upstate New York in 2022, she began to hone in on her music skills, ranging from the creation of “empowering dance tracks” to “emotive ballads.”