Zeeteah Massiah’s “Sistas” Delivers A Plea For Unity And Acceptance

Singer/songwriter Zeeteah Massiah has released new single “Sistas” from her upcoming album. Delivered in an Afrobeats style, the track is a “powerful plea for unity among Black women.” It describes the “pressures of competition and strife, while championing sisterhood” and continues Massiah’s trajectory of addressing social issues through her music.

The track sets out to address “an oft-overlooked aspect of the struggle that Black women face – the competition that arises from societal pressure and limited resources.”

The song also uses storytelling to challenge “the stereotypes and misconceptions” that surround the relationships of Black woman, leading towards “solidarity and understanding.”

Zeeteah Massiah says:

For the first release from my new Afrobeats-flavoured album, I’ve chosen a song about the competitiveness that women – and black women in particular – so often succumb to. When women are judgmental about things like looks and hairstyles and skin color, we just weaken ourselves. Let’s accept and love one another. Can it be that hard?

Through ‘Sistas,’ I hope to encourage self-reflection and a sense of togetherness, reminding us all that we are stronger when we lift each other up.