Nili Brosh’s Dual Singles “Song For Hope” And “Lavender Mountains” Move From Quiet Optimism To New Life

Guitarist Nili Brosh has released two new singles, Song for Hope and Lavender Mountains.” These instrumental music tracks are firmly rooted in melody and Brosh intends for them to be listened to back-to-back.

“Song for Hope,” written during the pandemic, represents “the quiet optimism for better days”, and is thus made to transition into the uplifting intro of “Lavender Mountains.” In the latter songs, “Feelings full of life return, and the desire to make up for lost time is passionate and strong.”

The video for “Lavender Mountains,” directed by Anomaly and shot in Brosh’s current hometown of Las Vegas, is out now.

It’s Brosh’s “aural representation of the mountains that surround me,” as she explains:

I’ve long been inspired by the desert. Since the ‘Michael Jackson ONE by Cirque du Soleil’ gig moved me out to Vegas in 2017, I’ve often mistaken it for my natural habitat. It mirrored the desert environment and feeling I remembered as a kid in Israel. It’s a feeling I could never properly articulate or explain, but it luckily started coming out in my music.

Having been endorsed by Ibanez Guitars for over a decade, Brosh can be seen playing her LA Custom Shop Ibanez RG770 guitar, which she’s also used for performances with Danny Elfman, and Dethklok, as well as in her solo concerts.

Brosh comments on creating original instrumental music:

I’ve always been a sucker for hooks, though when I was younger, I was mostly familiar with vocal ones. Since I’m no singer, I knew there must be a way to translate memorable melodies to the guitar. I feel like my first few albums were a journey in finding my melodic voice on the instrument, and hooks that ended up on my 2019 album, SPECTRUM, such as on ‘Primal Feels’ or ‘Andalusian Fantasy’ were a sort of culmination of that early journey.

In touring news, in addition to her own performances as part of “Michael Jackson ONE by Cirque du Soleil” in Las Vegas, Brosh will be performing with Danny Elfman on August 3 in San Diego, CA and on August 5 in Irvine, CA. She’ll also perform with Dethklok as part of their summer tour, “The Babyklok Tour,” with Babymetal, which is set to kick off August 30 in Houston, TX.

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