Gardenia Channels Anger Into Finding Happiness With ‘Knowing You Know Nothing’

[Cover photo credit to Remy Fink]

Brooklyn-based duo Gardenia have announced their debut album Knowing You Know Nothing, out May 26, 2023. On the album, Gardenia is aiming to tell listeners “We’re pissed, and you should be too.” They share the idea that “It’s okay to be angry at the state of things, that although every story might not have a happy ending, it doesn’t mean that you can’t try to find yours.”

Alongside the announcement, Gardenia have shared “Hall Pass,” the debut single from Knowing You Know Nothing. “Hall Pass” tells a story “about the more intense world of stan culture – in a society of constant connection and parasocial relationships, boundaries are blurred and unwarranted feelings of entitlement and ownership run rampant.”

Meeting first as co-workers at a local studio, Ry Zakin (vocals/bass) and Tamir Malik (drums) quickly became longtime friends and bandmates, starting their band in the very same studio in 2018. Their music is “a cohesion of not only the sights and sounds of the city that raised them but of the bands they perform with at clubs and theatres all over the country.”

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