Peter Lewis Turns A Trippy Nightmare Into “Frank Zappa’s Ghost”

Peter Lewis of the band Moby Grape has shared the track “Frank Zappa’s Ghost,” a “trippy nightmare” from his upcoming album Imagination, out June 16th, 2023.

Peter Lewis comments:

That was one of those songs that came to me in a dream. What I woke up hearing was the hook; In other words, the part(s) where I sing “Franks Zappa’s Ghost” with the underlying chords. The rest was pretty much crafted. The idea of adding “the right of spring section” as a bridge was to bring in an ethereal (contrasting) mood to the arrangement, like something Zappa might do.

Imagination will be released through OMAD Records, the boutique label of the album’s producer John DeNicola.

Lewis adds:

We are all beings who want to live forever but know we won’t. Although this is a predicament everyone must learn to accept, the different ways in which we spend our time trying to cope with our mortality don’t always lead to a common sympathy between us, but to conflict and profound suffering. Yet in the end all we really have in the whole wide universe is each other and that is what this CD is trying to point out.

The album covers lyrical themes that ponder “mortality versus eternity, illusion versus reality.” Though the record is a follow-up to 2019’s The Road to Zion, where Lewis also worked with John DeNicola, Lewis notes:

The songs on Imagination, like those on The Road to Zion, attempt to reveal a certain perspective about life. But on The Road to Zion, this perspective was highly personal, whereas working with John on Imagination, we sought a perspective we might share with everyone.