Watch Shawn Mullins’ Video For His Live Version Of “Lullaby”

[Cover photo credit to David McClister Photography]

Folk and Americana singer/songwriter Shawn Mullin has released a new video of his Grammy-nominated song Lullaby,” the latest single from his new live release, Live At The Print Shop. The song was originally featured on his album Soul’s Core.

Mullins revealed the surprising connection between the song and the American-Canadian singer/songwriter Ani DiFranco:

I saw Ani DiFranco the first time in 1997. We drove down to Denver and we saw her and it blew my mind, so I started trying to do stuff…almost like a flamenco player. So I started experimenting with what I knew how to do with percussion on the guitar, as well as pull off some hammer-ons and things that I could make myself not get bored, basically.

For its 20th anniversary, Mullins is revisiting the music of Soul’s Core by recording two new versions of the album, dubbed Soul’s Core Revival. This is not a remix or a remaster of the original, but rather brand-new recordings with new arrangements of the songs. One album will be new stripped down solo performances, some on guitar, some on piano, and one a cappella, and the second will be a new studio recording with his full band, Soul Carnival.

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