Ani Cordero Creates An Album Of “Radical Love” With Multi-Lingual Elements

Ani Cordero recently announced the June 9th, 2023 release of her bilingual concept album, Anamores (Ana + Amores). Anamores is an album of “radical love”, embracing “the wholeness of her being” by drawing on her childhood. Now, Cordero has also released the album’s opening track “One Hundred Years (de un siglo a aquí),”.

The song is a personal message to Cordero’s great-great-grandchild from the perspective of being an ancestor. The album version of the song is trilingual, with a chant of Taíno words “Borikén” (the original name of Puerto Rico) and “Ni Yara” (place of water), and the song switching from English verses to Spanish choruses.

The song is meant to be a “a message of reassurance and resilience.” Cordero will also release versions in English and Spanish to make sure the message can reach and be understood by as many as possible. 

Anamores was written in the uncertainty of the pandemic, and during this time Cordero did a deep dive into a meditation practice. Each song is rooted in love, including “Self-love, Love of a Child, Platonic Love, Love of the Creative Spirit, Love for our Ancestors.” Every song on the album is visually represented by a card, in an accompanying deck of meditation cards, produced by Cordero, that will be circulating and available in the real and virtual world.

Ani Cordero is a Puerto Rican singer-songwriter, drummer, and activist based in NYC who grew up navigating two different cultures: traveling between Atlanta, Georgia, and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Ani Cordero will present Anamores at Joe’s Pub in New York City on June 11 at 6 pm. Tickets are on sale now on the Joe’s Pub website.

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