Zac Farro’s Halfnoise Project Gives Us A Taste Of Summer With “Baby”

[Cover photo credit to Zachary Gray]

Zac Farro’s Halfnoise has released a summer-geared song with “Baby”, out via Farro’s Nashville artist collective Congrats Records. Perhaps best known as the drummer of Paramore, the Nashville-based musician, songwriter, and Producer has been honing his skills and sounds outside of his main gig for years now.

This latest Halfnoise single follows 2019’s Motif LP and has been heard live throughout the UK and EU over the past few weeks during the Paramore live shows.

Zac Farro shares:

Some songs feel like they take years to finish and some songs feel like they come together in minutes. ‘Baby’ was the latter. When I wrote ‘Baby,’ it felt like it had always been there and I love that feeling. It’s really hard to achieve that and I’m thankful I still have those moments because it keeps me making music.

Halfnoise is known for its focus on melodies and for a certain “playfulness” that Farro brings to the music as a musician and Producer.

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