Sharaya Summers Speaks To Losing Love In Life Or In Death With “Forever You & Me”

[Cover photo credit to Kate Rentz]

Oregon-based Indie-Americana singer/songwriter Sharaya Summers has shared the track Forever You & Mewith a forthcoming album of the same name is due out later this year. The track is a “gentle reminder of life’s fleeting nature and to hold loved ones close in the present moment.”

The song came about after Summers, having returned from her grandmother’s funeral, watched her grandfather observe the slideshow of her life. This image, being left alone with a lifetime of memories, haunted her.

Summers shares:

As I prepare to release this track I face separation and possible divorce from my partner of 6 years. We have 2 beautiful babies, and have made some incredible memories. The lyrics to this song have taken on new meaning for me. Whether love is lost in life or death, it is something we can never fully prepare for. All we have is the present, so make the moments count.

Sharaya Summers grew up in Portland, Oregon before following songwriting to Nashville, Tennessee. She later spent eight years living in Los Angeles and toured alongside Houndmouth, Ella Vos, and Milo Greene.

Now in 2023, after some substantial life changes, Summers is gearing up to share more work as she “settles into motherhood, reckons with a struggling marriage and strives to embrace true self-love.”

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