“Rise Against The Dark” From Fallen Shadows Challenges The Forces That Feed Conflict

Brazilian Metal band Fallen Shadows have followed singles “A Day of Treason” and “Fighting for Survival” with “Rise Against the Dark”. It was recorded at Modus Operandi Studio in Sorocaba (SP) and builds on their partnership with Producer Raphael Dantas (Ego Absense and Soulspell). The new single addresses the horrors of war and its effects. Unfortunately the topic is still very relevant to modern life.

The band adds:

However, we do not pinpoint a specific historical period. We work, in fact, with the insertion of “forces” that feed the conflicts.

Guitarist Carlos Pranches gives more details about the theme of the single:

We use the metaphor of the Lords of War, those who inspire and conspire for chaos, hatred, death and nightmare. The song is heavy, fast and features the choruses and epic parts already common in our songs.

Cocalist Rodrigo Cafundó concludes:

Our intention is to continue composing, recording, producing and releasing new music one after the other. We like to challenge ourselves and stopping is not an option.

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