David Borné Shares What’s Most Important To Him With “I Like The Idea”

[Cover photo credit to Lyndon Jackson]

Singer/songwriter David Borné will be releasing full-length album Genesis later this year. Produced by Jarrad K (Ruston Kelly, Lucie Silvas, Elohim) and engineered by Grammy winner Gena Johnson (John Prine, Jason Isbell, Chris Stapleton), the album follows “a path of healing: death, rebirth, and beginning again.” 

The album’s first single, “I Like The Idea,” is out now and celebrates “life’s goodness: the idea that love is all around us.” Borné also calls it his “gravestone song” because it shares what’s most important to him.

Two weeks before he was set to record his album, the investor Borné had lined up disappeared, leaving him looking for a sign that he ought to continue. He turned to his first crowdfunding outreach in response.

He shares:

I put together a GoFundMe and just said, ‘y’all, I need your help: if you’ve ever watched me play, it’s all led to this moment, this record.’ So, I put it up, and then within 24 hours, it was at $25,000.

It taught me that when something scares you, it probably means you’re supposed to do it. My ego did not want me to ask for help, but I got this love returned to me.

Borné also worked with a cast of supporting musicians for what eventually became Genesis. There is a duet with Bre Kennedy, another with Hadley Kennary, and features Chris Powell (Brandi Carlile, The Highwomen, Sturgill Simpson) on drums, Lydia Luce on strings, and Liana Alpino on harp.

Borné adds:

Healing and growth is not a straight line, so the album plays a lot off the notion that joy and suffering, light and dark, learning and unlearning all take each other.

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