Screaming Bones Brings Heavy Psych Rock To “Dragonfly”

Germany-based Heavy Psychedelic project Screaming Bones, led by Mike Ludwig, has returned with new new track, “Dragonfly.” The track is taken from the upcoming re-release of the band’s album And It’ll All Be Good via Wormholedeath.

With “Dragonfly,” Screaming Bones delves into a “hypnotic soundscape” geared towards “psychedelic wonder.”

And It’ll All Be Good is a testament to Mike Ludwig’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of instrumental Metal.

Ludwig’s musical background ranges from the classic and Psychedelic rock of the sixties and seventies to Punk. He started making music himself at the end of 2019. Screaming Bones is a solo project where Ludwig works with a headrush Looperboard and records in his bedroom studio. 

He shares:

Making music is like painting, you generate a musical canvas, on which you paint your emotions, one after another. Finding your own sound is a journey that never ends. Try to explore, experiment, do your own thing and love what you are doing.

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