Candy Coffins Finds The Perfect Visual Approach For “Another Kiss” Video

South Carolina Postpunk outfit Candy Coffins has released “Another Kiss” from their Once Do It With Feeling album. It’s accompanied by a video. The song focuses on life’s timeline and increasing pace while the album tracks the arc of a relationship to its eventual demise.

Frontman Jame Lathren comments on “Another Kiss”:

Ever since this song was written, I have envisioned a video that presents life on a timeline with the pressing urgency that comes with time seeming to move faster as one ages, as we all experience… That’s what I am always chasing and this song gets there.

Lathren “culled through thousands of photos to present both the beauty and the sobering timeline of life” in the video, which also moves at a quickening pace.

The new album itself is a 10-track collection chronicling a relationship “from the onset of the first crack to its complete crumbling dissolution.”

Lathren adds about “Another Kiss”:

I love all the songs on the album, obviously – they’re my babies, but ‘Another Kiss’ is so special to me. I love the dynamics of the song and the brevity of, yet how impactful, the lyrics. But truly I love this song so much because the band, along with producer/engineer John Furr, were able to create what was in my head so closely – the sonic juxtaposition of the prelude to and the actual event of losing control. And many times that’s what artists are chasing, whether it be film, physical art mediums, or music – it’s that vision in your head. That’s what I am always chasing and this song gets there.

Mixed by David Barbe (Drive-By Truckers, Superchunk, Deerhunter) at Chase Park Transduction (Athens, Georgia), the Once Do It With Feeling album was produced and engineered by John Furr (E.Z. Shakes, Flippants) at Pow Pow Sound (Columbia, South Carolina).

After disbanding his band Crown The Cake, Jame Lathren formed Candy Coffins with hometown guitarist Tom Alewine (Bachelors of Art), followed by bassist Alex Mabrey, keyboardist Justin Purdy and drummer Jonathan Bradley (Iron & Wine). 

Candy Coffins will be playing a series of shows this Spring and Summer.

Apr. 22  COLUMBIA, SC – Record Store Day at Scratch N’ Spin Records
Apr. 28  CHAPEL HILL, NC – Local 506
July 21  ASHEVILLE, NC – Fleetwoods
July 22  CHARLOTTE, NC – Starlight on 22nd
July 29  COLUMBIA, SC – Art Bar

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