Low Coast Confronts Divides For “Hard To Believe” And Creates A Video With The Help Of Over 100 Fans

[Cover photo credit to Billy Small]

Low Coast, the new band from Indie rocker Jeff Caudill (Gameface) has released a video for the track “Hard To Believe”, the first single off the band’s upcoming debut album Existing the Dream out on May 26, 2023 via Spartan Records. The track spotlights divisions in the country and the world and vents frustration about that while, ultimately, reaching for hope. That’s also illustrated by their fan-collaborative video which brings in global perspectives.

Caudill says:

We finished recording the song in 2020 during the height of the pandemic. George Floyd‘s murder had put a microscope on racial injustice. The skies in California were grayish orange from the fires. It was fucking bleak. People were hurting. We were hurting. We felt isolated and frustrated. I shared the song with a few friends and it immediately resonated with them. I thought making this music video could be a way to connect with people and feel some type of solidarity. So we asked family, friends, and fans if they would get involved. Over a hundred people sent in videos. Seeing all these faces from around the world – different yet the same – gave us a little bit of hope. And still does.

After over two decades of releases with the band Gameface, Caudill’s new band marks a distinct departure from the SoCal Melodic Punk Rock world and a foray into more reflective Indie Rock.

Caudill adds:

I’ve been dreaming about this album for decades, and waiting years to release it. I feel like my patience is finally paying off. Low Coast is the band I’ve always wanted to have. These guys take my songs to places I could never get to on my own. We made this record during a really volatile time in history – and the songs reflect that. ‘Hard To Believe’ is about the growing idealogical and political divide in our country. It’s meant to be a song of hope as much as it is an anthem of frustration.

The album’s first vinyl pressing is limited to 300 copies in Desert Dusk (Gold / Black / Blue Swirl) with a full color jacket printed on reverseboard stock and full-color printed innersleeve.