The Hellfreaks Battle Fear In The Title Track For ‘Pitch Black Sunset’

[Cover photo credit to Dávid Bodnár]

Hungarian band The Hellfreaks blend modern Metal, Alternative, and Punk. They have recently released their fourth single and title track to mark the release of their album PBSS, accompanied by a video. The acronym stands for “Pitch Black Sunset” and the track is about the natural cycle of life and death but is also a resisting gesture against fear.

The band introduces the track:

Today we also reveal the video for the abbreviated title track: “PBSS”, which covers the most meaningful opposites: LIFE AND DEATH. The song is about thanatophobia, the fear of the death of a loved one and the common sense of impending doom. It is a longing for escape from the hardships of life, a plea to the heavens above for inner strength, but at the same a battle cry not to let this fear reign supreme. “PBSS” is about the natural circle of life and mortality, something no one can avoid and all of us have to go through it in the end.

They add, concerning the album:

There is no way to express our excitement about the release of our brand new album and Napalm Records debut: PITCH BLACK SUNSET! Not only are we proud to start this new chapter in THE HELLFREAKS history, but it’s also our most introspective long-player to date. It’s a personal walkthrough about the best and worst parts in all of us – the past and the future, peace and chaos, hope and despair and everything in between. This time we pushed the pedal to the metal without mercy, and this record feels like a car ride straight off a cliff into a bottomless canyon. Only this time we survive …

Pitch Black Sunset Tour 2023

19.05.23 CZ – Prague / Klub 007 Strahov
20.05.23 GER – Visbek / Visbek Rockt Open Air 2023
21.05.23 GER – Hanover / Béi Chéz Heinz
22.05.23 GER – Hamburg / Logo Hamburg
23.05.23 GER – Berlin / Wild At Heart
24.05.23 GER – Cologne / MTC Cologne

06.07.23 GER – Zwickau / Stoerfaktor Festival
21.10.23 CZ – Ostrava / Alternova Festival
27.10.23 HU – Budapest / Duerer Kert

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