Thomas Andrew Doyle Stays In The Moment For ‘Forgotten Sciences’

Forgotten Sciences has been announced as the ninth solo full-length album by the “Grunge Grandfather” Thomas Andrew Doyle (aka Tad). Doyle created the pioneering grunge-era band Tad, the punk band Hog Molly, and the heavier Doom Metal of Brothers of the Sonic Cloth.

On this new release, which is due out on June 23 via MVD Entertainment, Doyle continues to go back to his symphonic roots with vocal and multi-instrumental elements. The songwriting and lyrical content “delves into the darker side of human existence, yet the underlying message is a positive one.”

Doyle states:

This album is a note to self to stay in the moment and clear of the trappings of time. It is an affirmation that everything important happens in the present moment. Everything is an inside job, and there are no solutions to be found outside our indomitable spirit.

TAD (Sub Pop, Giant, East West, Amphetamine Reptile) were one of the heaviest Seattle bands to emerge from the mid to late 80s that was inspired far more by ’70s Metal than Punk. The band’s albums recorded with Jack Endino, Steve Albini, and Butch Vig helped usher in the “grunge” movement. A cameo in Cameron Crowe’s Singles and tours with the likes of Nirvana, Alice In Chains, and Soundgarden followed, with the band ultimately disbanding in 1999.

In 2017, Thomas Andrew Doyle went back to his roots to begin a new musical chapter, creating Incineration Ceremony (2018). He’s following that symphonic experiment with Forgotten Sciences.

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