Night Beats Blends Genres, Layers, And Samples Like Melting “Hot Ghee”

[Cover photo credit to Chris Keller]

As Night Beats, Texas-born, LA-based artist Danny Lee Blackwell creates Psychedelic music in a puzzle-like way. On his new album Rajan, Blackwell creates songs with a goal of keeping a “crucial air of mystery intact.” The album arrives July 14th, 2023 from Suicide Squeeze. Blackwell has released album opener “Hot Ghee,” bringing together Psych-Rock, Jazz, Blues, Soul, Hip-Hop, and more.

Blackwell explains about the new track:

Blending the elements of rare underground Anatolian deep funk with R&B and soul, with a sample-oriented mindset can be compared to the sound of hot ghee sizzling on a pan. Just like how the ghee melts and blends with the other ingredients, the fusion of these different music genres creates a unique and harmonious sound that melds in mysterious oneness. And just like how the sound of sizzling ghee adds a depth of flavor to the dish, the layered and sample-based approach to the creation adds different dimensions to the music that allows the listener’s imagination to run free. Ghee is also seen as an offering at the beginning of ceremonies, making this opening track of Rajan.


April 19 – San Diego, CA @ Whistle Stop

April 20 – Long Beach, CA @ Alex’s Bar

April 21 – Fullerton, CA @ Continental Room

April 29 – Austin, TX @ Austin Psych Fest w/ Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Black Angels, Raveonettes, etc.

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