Åskväder’s “Misfortune” Is A Punkish Take On Living A Shabby Life

Swedish Garage Rock band Åskväder has released new single ”Misfortune” on The Sign Records. The four-piece have also announced a tour to take place in Spain in late May/early June, spreading the word about their new release as well as their latest studio album Fenix (2022).

Åskväder comments on ”Misfortune”:

Sometimes things go south right? This song describes a situation where you are left dirt poor eating noodles as your only food source just to survive and eventually you’ll get osteoporosis due to lack of vitamin-C. The only way to stand the misery that the world has put you in is to play rock n roll, and that loud. We hereby present Misfortune which is our punk-ish take on living in the shabby outskirts and all broken in a wealthy western society. The lyrics, melodies and riffs came to life without effort and we tried to keep that feeling whilst recording it. To put the song out was an easy decision – we loved it from the first beat of Tims drum fill to the last catchy chorus and we hope that you will too!

Åskväder sets out to “make thunder and lightning through music” by blending 90s Scandinavian Rock with Bluesy elements. Their name can be translated as “Thunderstorm”.

Åskväder released their debut EP Quick Fixes in 2018. In 2020 the band joined forces with The Sign Records for the release of their debut, self-titled studio album. In 2022 Åskväder returned with their second full-length effort, Fenix. It was mixed by Kalle Lilja & Per Stålberg (Welfare Sounds).

Catch Åskväder live:
28/4 – Gothenburg, SE, Heavy Rock Weekend
26/5 – Gothenburg, SE, Hängmattan
30/5 – Madrid, ES, Fun House
31/5 – Bilbao, ES, La Nube Cafe Teatro
1/6 – Santander, ES, Rock Beer The New
2/6 – TBA
3/6 – Aldea San Martin-Valladolid, ES, Festival Aldea Rock

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