Holy Wave Tells Of Instant Connections With “Cow Print”

[Cover photo courtesy of Holy Wave]

Austin-based Lo-Fi Rock multi-instrumentalists, Holy Wave have shared new Psych-tinged single “Cowprint” via Suicide Squeeze Records. The track delves into an old but important memory and reinforces the idea of immediate connections formed between people. The band have also teased further news coming up.

On the track, vocalist/guitarist Ryan Fuson offers: 

This song is partly about a trip to Iowa to help a friend move. The first night I was there, I ended up meeting my partner, and this is about leaving after that first trip where I met her. I was thinking about our relationship and the things we use to help us feel better when we are down or the things that can give us strength when we need a little more to stay positive. I decided to write it in a kind of letter to her. It just made it feel a little more personal for me.

Backed by Kyle Hager on bass, Joey Cook on guitar, Julian Ruiz on drums, and Tomas Dolas on keys, Fuson presents a song where “it’s unclear if this memory occurred yesterday, months ago, or strictly in the dreamstate.”

The track tells “a story of instant connections and missed opportunities, the thin line attachment that fractures when our memories and the feelings of others come in direct contact.”

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