Infamous Stiffs Bring A Real-Time Perspective To The ‘Lockdown Live’ EP

SoCal Punk Rockers Infamous Stiffs are back with a six song live EP, Lockdown Live, their second release on Riot Records/Golden Robot Records, with new single “Kill for the Sound (Live)” out now alongside the music video for the track. Lockdown Live offers a real-time perspective on the songs and of the current state of affairs for the band. They also hope to have a new album completed by summer.

Formed in 2019 in Southern California, the members of Infamous Stiffs have spent decades playing Punk Rock ‘n’ Roll in various incarnations. Members include Scotty Wilkins (vocals), Jim Perrault (bass), Mark Pananides (guitar), John Gilhooley (guitar) and Ryland Steen (drums).

Asked “Who or what inspires you to write songs?”, the band members answered:

Mark: I write what I want to hear. Rhthyms and melodies that refect and convey what I’m feeling.

Jim: A love of music and a need to create something that makes people want to cut loose and have fun.

John: Thought, feelings, what’s going on around me.

Scott: Sometimes it’s just the general public that sparks a twinkle. Sometimes it’s the event that moves and shakes the foundation that the general public stands on. It can also be a mood thing. When it’s a mood thing, I consult my mood ring and go from there.