Jill Rodgers And Crying Time Explore The Might-Have-Beens For ‘Many Worlds Theory’

[Cover photo credit to Jenya Chernoff]

Bay Area band Jill Rogers and Crying Time are bringing together the worlds of Quantum Theory and Country Music for their latest album, Many Worlds Theory, which arrives April 7th, 2023. The connection isn’t far-fetched when it comes to human lives and wondering where different roads might have taken us.

Singer Jill Rogers explains about the title track, “Many Worlds Theory”:

There’s an idea in quantum mechanics that at any decision point where more than one outcome is available, all the outcomes happen in worlds that exist in parallel.

That song and its central idea, “the multitude of what-could-have-been narratives,” serve as a lens for the other songs on the album , “that they’re all possibilities in some world or another”. 

The band’s original songs sport lyrics that “speak plainly about complex emotional ground.” Rogers wrote most of the 13 songs on the album, while there’s also a bluegrass cover from Del McCoury, “More Often Than Once In A While,” and a lesser known Willie Nelson cover, “You Left Me A Long Time Ago” that  the band turns into a Tex-Mex number.  

Many Worlds Theory is the band’s fifth album. Earlier releases include Ten Golden Hits (2015), Linda (2016), Last Saturday Night (2018), and King George (2019), a tribute to George Jones that features vocals from other Bay Area luminaries (Maurice Tani, Joe Rut, Val Esway) and pedal steel work by Bobby Black.

Many Worlds Theory was recorded and mixed by lead guitar player Myles Boisen at Guerrilla Recording, the studio he has run for the past thirty years. He also mastered the album at his Headless Buddha Mastering Lab. 

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