Dream Phases Asks, Where Is “Mrs. Songbyrd”?

[Cover photo credit to Amadou Kante]

California Psych Rock band Dream Phases has kicked off a new release phase with the single “Mrs. Songbyrd”, following on from their 2021 album, New Distractions, which recently arrived on vinyl. The new single was recorded at Sunset Sound, Produced by Clint Welander and co-producer Jeff Schroeder (Smashing Pumpkins) with mixing by by Matt Schuessler (Kurt Vile, DISQ, Cat Power).

The track is going to be joined by a companion titled “Velvet Knife” which arrives on April 28th, and together the double single will be released as a 7 inch vinyl by Nomad Eel Records later in the year.

Their new track “Mrs. Songbyrd” ostensibly lauds the joy that a performer can bring, with an accompanying upbeat feeling like the opening of a much-anticipated live show. However, reflection may lead us to wonder about the pressure, or even limited identity, this doles out for the musician that may cause them to fly away.

The trio that make up the band, including Brandon Graham, Shane Graham, and Keveen Baudouin, swim in the waters of West Coast Pop and Rock but also bring a substantial update to their vintage enthusiasm. Their music is particularly mood-driven and often evokes a storytelling atmosphere that also conjures a sense of place.

Speaking about their latest album, New Distractions, lead singer and multi-instrumentalist Brandon Graham shares:

I think there’s a lot more self-reflection in these songs. They were written during the covid lockdown, and there was so much happening in the world that you really had to look at yourself in the mirror and ask where you stood on a range of issues. Several of the songs deal with growing older and taking care of yourself both mentally and physically, as well as learning to not take things for granted. In my previous bands, I rarely if ever wrote about relationships, but it seems like every other song on this album is about them. I guess I’m trying to be more direct now.

Art by Thirst & Co.

Look out for the next new single from Dream Phases coming up in April 2023.

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