Enforced Takes A Hard Look At Human Beings As Expendable Products For “Starve”

[Cover photo credit to Jacky Flav]

On April 28th, 2023 Enforced will release their third full-length album, War Remains via Century Media Records. Previewing this record, the band have released new single/video, “Starve”. The track delves into the idea of being a resource that can become depleted and devalued.

Vocalist Knox Colby states:

Ultimately, ‘Starve’ is about being forced to produce when there’s no resources to do so, you then become the resource that’s produced/harvested. If I’m profitless, then I’m expendable, chaff; but even then I could’ve still given my life.

So the song sketches out the final moments of someone who has given everything they have left to give, and it’s still not enough. They starve themselves to death and watch the world they’ve given everything to save still fall to shit. They give up and go crazy in the end. Their fruitfulness is deemed fruitless; leaving this world in agony; howling to rebel but not the desire to do so. Starved.

Album Artwork by Joe Petagno

Enforced has toured throughout North America and Europe post-pandemic, sharing stages with the likes of Obituary, Municipal Waste and Exhumed as well as taking part in festivals like Maryland Deathfest and France’s Hellfest.

Teaming with Richmond-based producer, Ricky Olson, with mixing help from Arthur Rizk (Power Trip, Kreator), the band were intent on pushing themselves to the next level for War Remains.

Knox adds:

It has the intensity of ‘At the Walls’ (2019) but is more mature than ‘Kill Grid’ (2021). It has that tenacity of us live. It spills through the record. If you’re a fan of really aggressive music, you’re gonna love it. It’s seething!

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